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Efficient analytics for startups by TelemetryDeck

Efficient analytics for startups - Introducing TelemetryDeck

Hello, we’re TelemetryDeck and we would like to introduce ourselves! As a company that specializes in app analytics software, we want to inform startup founders in particular about how we can help you optimize your development process and increase your sales without neglecting the privacy of your users. Special thanks to ChattyInsights for the generous opportunity to share our story here on the blog.

App Analytics with TelemetryDeck

TelemetryDeck offers modern and privacy-oriented analytics software that not only provides powerful insights into app usage but also protects user privacy. Our focus is on making the development process more efficient and helping our customers make data-driven decisions without sacrificing privacy.XtHJksGsYVJcfiiAicUM3s0aUKE

Privacy As a Top Priority

At TelemetryDeck, we live “privacy by design”. That’s why we don’t process any personal and therefore don’t fall under the GDPR. This allows our customers to gain valuable insights without compromising the privacy of their users. We firmly believe that efficiency and privacy can and must go hand in hand. Working with anonymized data means you can put more focus on building your app. And don’t worry: even without personal data, our statistics, charts and insights are extremely powerful. This is proven by our almost 2,000 customers from all over the world.

Successful optimization with TelemetryDeck

On a daily basis, TelemetryDeck is used to understand how users navigate apps and what features are used the most – we help you understand your user base.

You need to know how many of your users leave the app at checkout. Or why a certain feature isn’t used? With TelemetryDeck you can check the bounce rate for things like paywalls or new features you‘ve implemented. This helps you immensely to focus on the parts that need to be done. Understanding your users lets you focus on the features they need.

Spending time with your analytics data and tinkering with it can give you even more insights. We offer an interface that lets you display your data in various ways so that you have the power to find the most game-changing insights!

Fast setup for effortless analysis

We know how time-consuming and complex some analytics platforms can be. At TelemetryDeck, we see the importance of a simple and fast setup. Unlike some other solutions, TelemetryDeck makes it easy to get started so you can focus on what’s important: optimizing your application. You can add TelemetryDeck to your app within minutes by adding one of our various SDKs. With our test mode, you can immediately see data in your dashboard – even before the new app version is released in the app stores. Oh, and we even work on your website, too!TtIJ3eSKSpotD4JCDmJ1zLJRg

Successful together with TelemetryDeck

TelemetryDeck is not just about data, but above all about the success of our customers. We offer not only powerful analytics but also data protection and a user-friendly platform. Understanding how healthy your users are, whether their needs are being met and what actions lead them to purchase the app is crucial. We are proud to offer a good solution for everyone with our software: Our customers save time and money as their app analytics solution is not subject to GDPR and app users can rest assured that their data will not end up in the advertising industry’s databases.

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