In-depth customer interview with the scale of a survey.

Chatty Insights is the perfect AI-driven Customer Research platform to understand your customers at any scale, in any language, fast.

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AI Interviews at Scale

Customer Research at Scale​

Chatty seamlessly conducts dozens to thousands of customer interviews in real-time with unwavering attentiveness.

Discover hidden patterns with powerful analytics, presented in a user-friendly dashboard that turns qualitative research into actionable insights.

Made for Teams

Under one account, you can collaborate with departments where your findings will complete the understanding of another team. 

Generate Your First Customer Analysis

Customer Experience Team using AI Interviews to survey customers

Customer Experience​

Gain an idea of customer experience touchpoints that need adjustments.

  • Customer Loyalty Assessment
  • Service and Support Feedback
  • Post-Purchase Feedback
  • Customer Experience Feedback
Product Team using AI Interviews to understand better users


Validate features and identify user needs or pain points.

  • Product Feedback
  • Product Usability Testing
  • User Churn Analysis
  • Feature Usage Feedback
  • Feature Prioritization
Marketing and Sales Teams using AI Interviews to improve the revenue

Marketing and Sales

Understand customer preferences for targeted campaigns and increase retention. 

  • Market Research 
  • Price Sensitivity Assessment 
  • Buyer Persona Research
  • Deal Closed-Lost Reasoning  
  • Brand Perception Assessment

Setup in under 1-minute

Chatty provides two setup options, allowing you to adjust the interviewer to your exact preferences or use it straight out of the box. 

Easy Mode

Quick setup in under 1 minute. 

Full Detail Mode

Detailed customization for in-depth interviews.

Full customization mode by Chatty

Start Listening

Chatty’s AI Interviewer dynamically adapts to each response, providing insights that traditional surveys and manual interviews may miss.

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Explore All-in-one Dashboard

The dashboard summarizes key research topics and explains their importance. Gain targeted customer perspectives at the scale of one or several topics at once with AI Analysis.

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Any Language

Now your customers can express themselves in their own words. AI translates everything for your analysis.

Partial conversations

Every interaction is recorded, even when respondents drop out sooner than expected.

URL Parameters

Seamless contact tracking with hidden parameters for enhanced data precision and privacy.

White Label

Integrate your brand’s visual elements seamlessly into the interface, maintaining a consistent user experience.

Customer Support Service by Chatty

Reaching Your Goals Together

Chatty’s Success Manager will align your vision with results, help to set up the AI interviewer, and share the best practices tailored to your needs. 

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Example of Amenitiz for User Churn Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Customer Research?

AI Customer Research is a solution for teams seeking to find answers directly from their customers. Usually, qualitative data does not give the full picture of the customer experience.

AI goes beyond simple questions and one-word answers. It collects and interprets data on the go to pinpoint exact customer needs, pains, and opportunities to upgrade their experience.

Chatty differs from standard survey platforms as it uses AI-powered technology to capture comprehensive user feedback. Unlike other tools, AI Interviewer collects detailed answers, providing a deeper understanding of user intentions.

The system automatically adjusts subsequent questions based on previous responses, resulting in highly insightful and relevant conversations. Moreover, Chatty supports partial submissions and integrates with CRM platforms to track client experiences continuously, effectively optimizing retention efforts.

Chatty Insights is the perfect platform for understanding customer behavior at any scale and in any language, quickly. Our AI-driven interviews are as simple as a survey with the depth of detailed research, effortlessly uncovering customer needs and decision drivers.

Organize your research easily, share an interview link with your customers, or embed it within your product – and let AI do the work for you. Discover hidden patterns thanks to our powerful analytics, presented in a user-friendly dashboard that turns qualitative research into actionable insights.

Originally from Barcelona, the team behind Chatty wants to a make helpful tool for other businesses driven by curiosity and customer-centricity. Read more about Team of Chatty.

Chatty is unique due to its AI-powered interviewer that dynamically adapts to user responses, providing deep, qualitative insights. Unlike traditional surveys, Chatty starts with one question and uses AI to tailor follow-ups, uncovering the underlying “why” behind user behaviors. This approach ensures highly contextual feedback, scales efficiently from small to large datasets, and automates the labor-intensive parts of the research process.

Chatty offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs, including a free 14-day trial that allows you to explore the platform’s capabilities without commitment.

Other plans include:

  • Pro Plan: Suitable for medium-scale research with more interviews and additional team seats.
  • Scale Plan: Designed for extensive research needs, offering a higher volume of interviews and team support.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable for large organizations, providing comprehensive features, white labeling, and priority support.

For specific pricing details, please visit the Chatty Insights Pricing page.

Every day, teams face the challenge of understanding users’ needs and preferences in real-time. Chatty completely changes this procedure, rapidly gathering replies via links or in-app alerts. It can process thousands of replies at once without sacrificing quality.

Chatty analyzes and segments data instantly, whereas traditional data analysis is time-consuming and challenging. Teams can immediately identify and resolve issues as bureaucratic tasks are eliminated.

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