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10 Powerful CSAT Solutions Ranked (2024)

Top 10 CSAT Solutions in 2024

Scores for customer satisfaction (CSAT) are essential for determining how well your company fulfills client expectations. 

Getting feedback is difficult, and choosing the best solution for your business can (almost always) be difficult given the wide range of options. 

So, intending to help you, our team here at Chatty has put together a list of the top 10 CSAT solutions for 2024, which have been ranked according to their features, usability, and general efficiency.

Why CSAT Matters?

Metrics for customer satisfaction like CSAT, NPS, and others are more than just figures. They speak for your consumers and give you valuable information about how your company is doing from their point of view. 

While low CSAT ratings can point out areas that require work, high scores show great customer loyalty. To stay ahead of the competition and build lasting relationships with customers, it is required that you fully understand and take action on these scores.

The Progress of CSAT Tools

The days of gathering feedback via paper surveys or basic email forms are long gone. With the latest features like real-time feedback, AI-driven insights, and smooth connection with other CRM or support systems, modern CSAT tech has undergone amazing progress. 

These developments simplify the process of collecting, evaluating, and acting upon consumer feedback more than before.

What to Look for in a CSAT Tool?

There are a few things to take into account while selecting a CSAT tool:

  • How easy is it? Your staff and your clients should find the tool easy to use.
  • Can you get real-time analytics? To help you in making prompt, well-informed decisions, look for tools that provide real-time analytics and feedback.
  • Is it custom? It’s important to be able to alter surveys and reports to meet your unique requirements.
  • Is it scalable? As your customer base grows, the tool should be able to handle a greater volume of feedback as your business does.

The top 10 CSAT solutions for 2024.

1. AI CSAT by Chatty Insights

Overview: Chatty Insights is the perfect platform powered by AI to understand your customers at any scale, in any language, and fast. Using advanced technology, it provides in-depth, actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction. The new generation CSAT focuses on the WHY behind the rating – so you can stop guessing and start acting. Their success rates: 10x higher participation rates, 40% higher response rates, Short conversation, Easy multi-language support, Meaningful questions, and follow-ups.

Btw, Chatty has multiple use cases like Market Research, Churn Analysis, and Customer Feedback Collection.

Customer Satisfaction Score Powered by AI (AI CSAT)

Key Features:

  • AI Interviewer: Guarantees consistency and scalability by conducting hundreds of interviews in real time. Customers may express their feedback in their own words by engaging in meaningful conversations with the AI for CX interviewer.
  • Multi-Language Support: Chatty Insights can process input in a variety of languages, removing language barriers and enabling you to easily understand your clientele across the world.
  • Automated Analysis: Without requiring human participation, AI analyzes feedback instantaneously to spot trends, key themes, quotes, and summaries. This feature makes sure you get insights that you can use right away.

Why Choose Chatty Insights? Chatty Insights – AI customer service platform – Chatty Insights stands out with its ability to provide precise, in-depth, and actionable customer feedback analysis at scale. 

… And its AI-driven approach ensures that you get precise, actionable insights quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Want to understand customer pain points? Track satisfaction over time? Chatty’s got the tools. Prepare to be amazed at how quick and easy it is to uplevel your CX game. 🚀 Try Demo Today

2. Traditional CSAT Solution by SurveyMonkey

Overview: I think we have all heard of this tool by now. They started as a survey tool ages ago and now it is a versatile survey tool that allows you to create custom CSAT surveys. Its user-friendly interface and advanced analytics make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

Survey Monkey CSAT Tools

Key Features:

  • Customizable survey templates
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Integration with various CRM tools

Why Choose SurveyMonkey? So, If you need a flexible survey tool with many customization options, SurveyMonkey is a great choice. 

3. Service Software by HubSpot Service Hub

Overview: HubSpot Service Hub including Hubspot CSAT offers a comprehensive suite of customer service tools, including CSAT surveys. It’s designed to help you track and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Software

Key Features:

  • Automated CSAT surveys
  • Detailed customer feedback analytics
  • Integration with HubSpot CRM

Why Choose HubSpot CSAT? Ideal for businesses already using HubSpot’s CRM nad having the money to invest in Service Hub as an additional addon.

4. Customer Loyalty by Qualtrics

Overview: Qualtrics is a powerful experience management platform that offers CSAT measurement tools. It’s known for its sophisticated analytics and ability to handle large-scale surveys.

Surveys by Qualities

Key Features:

  • Advanced analytics with AI-driven insights
  • Customizable CSAT tools
  • Integration with CRM and other business tools

Why Choose Qualtrics? For businesses that need deep insights and advanced analytics, Qualtrics is a nice option.

5. Customer Experience Platform by Nicereply

Overview: Nicereply is a specialized tool for measuring customer satisfaction directly within your helpdesk. It integrates with popular helpdesk solutions to automate the CSAT survey process.

Customer Experience Platform NiceReply

Key Features:

  • Direct integration with helpdesk tools
  • Automated CSAT surveys
  • Real-time feedback and analytics

Why Choose Nicereply? Perfect for businesses looking to integrate CSAT tools directly within their existing customer service workflows.

6. ​​Customer Feedback by Simplesat

Overview: Simplesat is an online tool that allows users to quickly create one-click surveys and send them to customers within minutes. It enables fun, engaging surveys that provide insightful and actionable customer feedback easily.

Customer Feedback by Simplesat

Key Features:

  • Easy connection with existing helpdesk systems
  • Integration with Google Sheets for manual data analysis
  • Follow-up email reminders to increase response rates

Why Choose Simplesat? For businesses looking for an easy-to-use tool that offers customer segmentation options and personalized surveys, Simplesat is an excellent choice.

7. User Feedback by Qualaroo

Overview: What we know is that Qualaroo is an on-site data and customer feedback collection software that enables companies to design and distribute surveys through multiple channels to target a broader audience and gather contextual insights.

User Feedback by Qualaroo

Key Features:

  • Pre-built professional templates and various question types
  • Organizes free-form text into easy-to-interpret data
  • Targets customers at the right time with the right questions

Why Choose Qualaroo? Qualaroo is a solid choice for businesses wanting in-depth, contextual customer insights. Its targeting capabilities allow you to effectively reach the right customers at the right moment to gather meaningful feedback. Qualaroo’s strength lies in providing rich, situational data to drive improvements.

8. Customer Feedback Software by Survicate

Overview: Survicate is a customer feedback software tool that makes it quick and easy to run NPS surveys via multiple channels, including email, websites, and in-products.

NO-Brainer Surveys by survicate

Key Features:

  • User-friendly survey builder with extensive question types
  • Real-time reporting and advanced targeting
  • Responsive customer support and a straightforward interface

Why Choose Survicate? It stands out for its versatility and ability to gather targeted, actionable customer insights. Its advanced targeting features allow you to strategically collect the feedback that matters most to your business goals. Their team said that with Survicate, you can zero in on the right customers at the right time to get insights that drive meaningful improvements.

9. Customer Experience Management by Medallia

Overview: Medallia’s specialty is in customer experience management and offers CSAT solutions. It’s designed to provide real-time feedback and insights to help improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Management by Medallia

Key Features:

  • Real-time feedback collection
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • AI-driven insights

Why Choose Medallia? A good option for businesses that want to gain real-time insights and act quickly on customer feedback. Its real-time reporting allows you to identify and address issues or opportunities promptly based on customer feedback.

10. NPS by Delighted

Overview: It is a customer satisfaction software tool focusing on measuring key customer satisfaction metrics, particularly NPS. We can see that it makes setting up and deploying NPS surveys straightforward. Its automation features and dashboard provide deep feedback analysis.

Actionable Feedback by Delighted

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Survey Creation
  • Delighted Autopilot
  • Multiple Distribution Methods
  • Detailed NPS Dashboard
  • Trends and Sentiment Analysis

    Why Choose Delighted? It is a good choice for businesses looking for an easy way to continuously track NPS (Net Promoter Score) and analyze customer feedback. Its automation and analytics features make it a useful tool for maintaining and improving customer satisfaction levels
ToolFree Starting priceAI InterviewsAdvanced Analytics 
Chatty Insights€150/mo
QualtricsNot disclosed
Survey Monkey€39/mo
MedalliaNot disclosed

And that’s the end of our list!

Selecting the appropriate CSAT solution can have a big impact on how well you collect and handle client feedback. Because each of these solutions has special characteristics and advantages, think about what matters most for your company’s requirements. 

There is a product on this list that can help you improve your customer satisfaction approach, whether it be through real-time insights, integration capabilities, or sophisticated analytics.

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