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Customer Experience Dashboard

Where AI makes perfect sense for reporting. Explore exact details of your customer behavior.​
Customer Experience Dashboard

From Volume to Value

As data collection increases, it easily becomes cluttered. Many tools only address 50% of the solution: collection focuses on volume, and analytics on complexity, disconnecting the context. Chatty’s AI Customer Interviewer collects the responses while CX dashboard covers segmentation. All under one tool, giving a robust qualitative analytics.

AI Interviews at Scale

Made for Teams

Product Manager


Understand exact reasons behind your user needs and pains with product.



Gather lead trends helping to refine lead generation, and communication.

Business Analyst

Business Intelligence

One dashboard that gives grand view over all whole customer experience.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer Experience

Boost more close, friendly and more strategic freindip with your customers.

From Data Overload to Clear Insights

Instead of sifting through extensive Excel, let Chatty’s CX Dashboard summarize your data into key research topics, giving your team targeted and actionable customer perspectives.

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Core topic analysis

Dive into Specific Trend

Once the core topics are established, AI provides further explanation on why each core topic needs the most focus. The Customer Experience Dashboard offers comprehensive data to fuel your business growth.


In one dashboard, see the big picture and details. Key quotes highlight specific periods. AI analyzes data, but you stay in control.

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Advanced Filtering

Time Period

Easily navigate through different time periods to track changes and trends over days, weeks or months.


Trends spot patterns and shifts in customer experience, enabling proactive decision-making and strategy adjustments.


Research can have a parent category. For example, within "Customer Experience," you can analyze subcategories or all responses at once.

Chatty’s Testimonials

Before, my data was scattered, and I had to manually update a 200-row spreadsheet every time new responses came in. I knew there had to be a better way to collect qualitative data from customers, and I’m glad I discovered Chatty.
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Alberto Romano
Director of Customer Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to generate insights with Chatty?

With Chatty, insights are generated almost instantly. Once data is collected, our AI processes and summarizes it into actionable insights within just 10 seconds, significantly reducing the time from data collection to decision-making.

A Customer Experience Dashboard is a centralized platform that provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions and feedback. It helps team to track trends, track experience-oriented KPIs, and gain deep insights into the customer journey. It helps to enhance the overall customer experience.

Chatty’s Dashboard stands out due to its ability to seamlessly integrate and process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional survey and analysis tools that often require manual data entry and separate handling, Chatty’s AI-driven platform provides real-time, automated insights, ensuring a more holistic and timely understanding of customer data.

Chatty utilizes advanced AI algorithms that not only aggregate and analyze data but also continuously learn and adapt to new information.

We offer comprehensive support, including access to our help center with detailed documentation and tutorials. Additionally, you can contact our customer support team directly for personalized assistance with any questions or issues you may encounter. You may read more about packages and support tiers on our Pricing page. 

Yes, Chatty provides in-depth insights and comprehensive data analysis, helping analysts uncover patterns, trends, and correlations in user inputs. The platform’s advanced dashboard makes it easy for analysts to interpret complex data

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