There is a Story Behind Every CSAT score.

Discover yours today – AI interviewer enables your customers to explain their CSAT rating in their own words, in any language.


More CSAT survey participants


Higher response rate


Problem resolution speed
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Does Your CSAT Score Tell the Whole Story?


The CSAT Score measures customer satisfaction through survey responses, over 70% of businesses use the score to improve services and retain customers. 


The old CSAT gets you the score but rarely gets you the explanation behind the score – so you’re left guessing.

  • Low participation rates
  • Low response rates
  • Static survey
  • Time-consuming multi-language support
  • Only 1 surface-level question

Next-Gen AI CSAT

The new generation CSAT focuses on the WHY behind the rating – so you can stop guessing and start acting.

  • 10x higher participation rates
  • 40% higher response rates
  • Short conversation
  • Easy multi-language support
  • Meaningful questions and follow-ups

AI CSAT That Reveals More Than Just Numbers

You can finally understand your CSAT at any scale, in any language, fast. Discover your customer needs and pains – and make your customers feel heard!

How To Share an AI CSAT?

The same way you would share your old CSAT! Flexibly use Chatty in your customer emails, inside of your digital product, on your website, and more.

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Here's What Our Customers are Saying

Use Chatty for More

Conversation Summary

AI does the heavy lifting – captures all feedback, and summarizes it for you in real-time. You also receive a weekly digest on your CSAT so you're always on top of it!

Automated Reports

Our AI takes a look at every response your CSAT got and prepares a beautiful shareable dashboard for you – making complex data simple and actionable.

Adjustments On The Go

You can always customize the AI interviewer to align perfectly with your specific research needs, the shared links stay the same.

Any Language

Chatty speaks almost every language out there – now your customers can express themselves in their own words. AI translates everything for your analysis.

Ready to take your CSAT to the next level?

What is AI CSAT?

AI CSAT is an advanced customer satisfaction tool that uses artificial intelligence to not only collect numerical satisfaction scores but also engage customers in conversational feedback to understand the reasons behind their ratings.

Unlike traditional CSAT tools that only gather numeric scores, AI CSAT initiates a conversation with the customer to delve deeper into their experiences and sentiments, providing richer, actionable insights that go beyond simple metrics.

Think of it this way – if you used to send your customers a typical CSAT form before, you’re now sending them a fun conversation with our AI CSAT. It makes the interaction engaging for the customer, as AI understands what they shared, and asks meaningful follow-ups about it.

Yes, AI CSAT is designed for easy integration with a variety of platforms including CRM systems and customer success tools to ensure seamless operation within your current customer success stack.

Absolutely. By understanding the specific reasons behind each customer’s feedback, marketers can tailor communications and offers to meet individual expectations and preferences, enhancing personalization and improving overall customer engagement.

Implementing AI CSAT directly contributes to improved customer insights, enhanced decision-making, and reduced churn, all of which positively impact your bottom line. Additionally, the efficiency of AI-driven conversations can reduce your operational costs by decreasing the need for manual follow-ups.

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